At-Home Hair Coloring Tips

Dyeing one’s hair at home can be a nerve wracking experience, especially for those who seldom dye their hair at home or those who haven’t dyed their own hair at all!

Read these tips before you even start to shop for your perfect new hair color in the drugstore so you know exactly how to choose your hair color and how to fix and maintain it:


Don’t Trust the Box

The hair color that they show on the box is not a good indicator as to how that particular hair dye will react with your own specific hair color. To really get a good idea of how any particular hair color will look, check out the hair swatch if available or read the box and see what color they suggest the hair dye will turn your hair.

Don’t Skip the Strand Test

Once you bring home a new box of hair dye, you are probably pretty excited to apply it and see how it turns out. But one way to help prevent any tragic results is to do the strand test. The strand test will help you see what color the hair dye will actually turn your hair so you can then decide whether or not you like it. If the color’s wrong, you may have blown $10 on a box of hair dye, but that is far better than the consequences: living with a horrendous hair color or spending a whole lot more than $10 to have a salon professional fix it.

Protect you Skin

Hair dye can be absorbed by your skin, and it can also change the color of your skin as well. Before you put ay dye in your hair, make sure you take some Vaseline or petroleum jelly and rub it right along your hairline. It’s easy to remove with a cream cleanser and a cotton swab once you have completed the hair dyeing process.

How to Make it Lighter

So the hair dye that you applied hasn’t made your hair as light as you would like it to be. One easy way to get your hair lighter in less than 10 minutes is to take the remaining hair dye and mix it with equal parts shampoo. Lather it in and leave it for 5 minutes, and then rinse it in the shower.

For Repeat Dyers: Don’t Dye your Whole Head

Unless you are completely changing your hair color, don’t dye your whole head. In order to maintain a hair color, all you will need to do is dye the roots of your hair. You can do this easily by choosing hair coloring kits that are made with a specific applicator that will allow you to do so, or you can do this with any old standard dye and simply separate your hair to expose the roots. Do it in sections so that you keep organized and remember where you have applied the dye and where you have not.

TIP: For “root-only” dyers, you can also get away with using half of the products that are in the at-home hair dye box. Store the other half away so you can use it again in 4-6 weeks for another touch-up.

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