Beauty Tips For Girls With Freckles


Many younger girls with freckles are not very happy with them being on their face. For whatever reason, they feel less attractive because of them.But, there are also some young women who enjoy having them as they feel this sets them apart from others.

There are also many young men who find freckles attractive on women. But, if you feel the need to cover up your freckles, here are a few suggestions which may help.


One option is to contact a dermatologist about having the freckles taken off your face.


However, this treatment can be painful and cost prohibitive. Acid, sanding, laser treatment, and freezing are a few options to choose from. All of these will require multiple trips to the doctor’s office to have the procedures done, which will also add to the bill.


Natural remedies which can bleach out your freckles are also available.


However, sunlight is not one of them. While the sun will make your skin darker as it tans, the freckles also get darker as they are exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

This is some people with freckles will avoid the sun as much as possible. Vitamins A and C can also provide protection from damage by the light of the sun.


Some of the natural remedies you can use to lighten freckles include rubbing lime juice or lemon juice on the freckles. You can also try fruit or vegetable masks. Alpha hydroxy acids can also fade them to a more preferable tint. However, you should have a medium complexion before using this.



Unfortunately, scientists have not discovered a method which will be useful for everyone. You should use several of these suggestions if you want to get rid of your freckles. If none of these work for you, make-up can be used to cover them up using a powder underneath your foundation.


Consider using a concealer which is matches to your normal skin tone. Of course, many people find freckles attractive so you may want to consider doing nothing at all.

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