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Hand and Nail Care Tips For Summer

Our hands do a lot of work during an average day. They wash dishes, do laundry, clean windows, work in the garden and a multitude of other tasks. From reading to writing to driving a car, there are very few tasks we perform throughout the day that don’t require the use of our hands.


Given all the work they do, it’s no wonder the hands often look rough, worn and wrinkled, even on young people. However, there are some guidelines to help keep your hands soft, supple and smooth.



A good pair of rubber gloves for household chores are your hands best friend. It’s also their best protection against chemicals in cleaning agents, as well as exposure to drying soaps or hot water. Soap and water both can be a very dehydrating, but put them together and your hands don’t stand a chance.


Protect your hands around the house, but also when you go outside. If you’re working in the garden, pulling weeds or planting, make sure you wear a good pair of cotton gardening gloves.


Not only will this give you the flexibility to work in your garden, but it allows the skin to breath, which is important as your hands will heat up as you work. Your gloves also protect you from staining the skin with the dyes that occur naturally in plants and vegetables. That is after all, how the expression “green thumb” came about.


We wash our hands several times throughout the day, which can quickly rob the skin of its natural hydration. A good moisturizer or hand cream should be used several times a day to help protect the skin and replenish lost moisture.


Your nails need to be trimmed and kept neat, but don’t forget the cuticles. Make sure they get a generous dose of moisturizer as well, and keep them pushed back with a bamboo cuticle stick. Never cut your cuticles or use metal objects or tools to push them back, as this will damage a very fragile area.


These few simple suggestions will help keep your hands looking and feeling young and smooth, no matter how much work they do for you in a day.

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