How To Apply Mascara Without Clumping

Mascara is one of the few cosmetic products no woman should do without. Whether you normally wear eyeshadow and other make up or not, mascara can do a lot to add volume and allure to your eyes.

However, quite often mascara is tricky to apply. The result leaves you attempting to remove clumpy sections with a eyelash comb or other device. More often than not, it just leaves a mess behind.

Thickening mascara tends to leave more clumps in its wake than others would. A lengthening mascara, for example, is often not as thick or clumpy. Testing different types of mascaras and wands will help you gain control when applying mascara.

Before you put on your mascara, run the wand along the edges of the bottle to remove any excess. The cosmetic tends to fill up the area between the teeth of the wand, which is what leads to clumps. You can use a tissue to dab off any extra from the wand as well. Also, don’t forget the tip where the majority of extra product tends to adhere when sitting in the bottle.

When you apply it, start at the base and sweep it upwards towards the tips, using a slight see-sawing motion. This will help even out the coating as you apply it, reducing the likelihood of clumps.

With proper, clump free application, mascara is a fabulous pick-me-up for the eyes, and can make them really dazzle. Even women who don’t wear eyeshadow or other cosmetic products can benefit from a quick brush of mascara. It’s easy to apply and adds tremendous length to the look of your eyelashes.

Coloured mascara can also be a great way to express yourself and add some pizzazz to your eyes. It ranges in colour from brown-black to many shades of blue, from navy to neon or you can get romantic with burgundy and wine colours.

Follow these tips to achieve a clump free mascara application that will make your eyes and their lashes stand out with dramatic flair.

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