How to Put on Mascara the RIGHT Way

Eyelashes really can make or break your look. Having those long, full lashes truly do open up one’s eyes, the most important feature on anyone’s face. Because of just how important the “eyes” are, especially when it comes to makeup application, it is important to know how to put on mascara properly.

Believe it or not, but mascara application is a whole lot more than simply taking a wand out of a tube and brushing some product onto your eyelashes; to get that truly beautiful look, you need to know how to do it properly and thoroughly.

  •  Start off with a clean slate. You want to be sure that you completely clean your face and your eye area prior to putting on the mascara. This means using an oil free eye makeup or mascara remover to completely dissolve any oils that may be present on your eyelashes.
  • After you have applied all other makeup to your face, you can begin to focus on the mascara, the true “icing on the cake”. Take your eyelash curler and open it up. Now place the rubber ends right at the base of your lashes and squeeze the eyelash curler shut tightly. You should only have to squeeze your eyelashes for up to 10 minutes, though to really boost the process use a heated eyelash curler (but make sure you’re very careful about using it around your eyes!)
  • Now that your eyelashes have some lift, it’s time to choose that mascara! There are a lot of different things that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to choosing a mascara. You can have a volumizing mascara that will give your eyelashes lift and definition; you can try out a thickening mascara that will plump up your lashes and make them appear fuller; you can choose a conditioning mascara that will improve the quality of your eyelashes; or you can even try using a curling mascara and skip the lash curling step all together!
  • Now that you have your mascara on hand, it’s time to begin the application process. Take the wand out of the tube slowly, making sure that you “swirl” the mascara rather than “pump” the wand in and out. Pumping the wand only can create more clumps at the tip of the wand, and it is also forcing air into the tube so the product will not last as long. If there is any excess product on the brush, you can blot it off with a tissue.
  • Once there is no longer any excess product on the wand, take the brush and place it right at the base of the underside of your upper lashes. Now slowly bring the brush up to the tips of your eyelashes, wiggling the mascara wand up as you go. Do not simply swipe the wand upwards; this may cause your lashes to clump and stick together. If you need to apply a second coat, you do not need to wait for the first coat to dry. Apply the second coat in the same fashion you would the first coat, and then quickly brush the mascara onto your lower lashes without re-dipping the wand into the mascara tube.

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