Learning How to Apply Eyeshadow

Learning how to apply eyeshadow properly so that it looks good can actually take a whole lot of time and practice! It may take women years before they are able to have eyeshadow that isn’t mismatched, crooked, too dark, too blotchy, or too messy. Though many women are familiar that they have these problems with their eyeshadow application technique, they don’t quite know how to actually correct them so it becomes a chronic problem.


Here are some of the best tips that will have your eyeshadow looking fabulous and fresh in no time:

Blend the shade together well! If nothing else, make sure that all eyeshadow shades that you have are well blended into one another so that you are creating a natural illusion. Most women use at least two different shades of eyeshadow, though many use three. Always begin with the lightest shade of eyeshadow, and gradually work your way to the darkest color.


The lightest color (also referred to as the “base” color) should be applied to the entire eye, right up to your brow bone. Then, apply the lid color (this is the medium shade of eyeshadow) and then apply the highlighting shade (the darkest color) to the crease. Layer and blend each shade well.


  • Do not apply eyeshadyour brow bone. This especially goes for any darker shades of eyeshadow that you may apply. You can get away with a shimmer shade on your brow bone, but that’s the extent of it.
  • Choose tht colors. Just learning what shades and tones will work best with you can be the challenge when it comes to eyeshadow application. Focus on neutral tones and contrasting shades, and don’t be so afraid about trying to wear an eyeshadow color that is the same shade as your eye color.
  • Use shimmer to add a youthful glow, but use it within reason. Because it is a light color does not mean that it won’t accentuate your bad points. If you have under eye wrinkles, lines, or heavy eyelids, the shimmer shades will only draw more attention to these “problem areas”.
  • Try using a primer to help keep your makeup in place. Sure, some foundation and concealer will help “set” your eye makeup and hold it in place for a while, but to really keep your eyeshadow on all day long and to prevent it from “creasing” in your eye crease apply some primer before you put on any foundation.
  • You don’t need to fear white eyeshadow. As a matter of fact, you should embrace it! By just adding a single dot of white eyeshadow or using a white pencil to the inside of your eye right near the inner tear duct your eyes will look bigger and brighter. You can use this trick for either day time or night time eye makeup.
  • Smoky eyes should not be all over your eye. As with tip #1, keep the makeup right to the brow bone and below. You can use some eyeshadow along the lower lash line to really enhance the smoky look, but do not bring the color below the lower lash line or above the crease.

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