Saving Money Tips – Keeping Hold Of Your Money is Easy With These Tips

Does your cash seem to have wings? It flies out of your pocket into history. By learning a few money saving tips you can clip your money’s wings and keep it at home in your pocket where it belongs. Here are a few money saving ideas to help you get started:


  1. Only buy used cars which are economical on gas. A new car seems like such a great idea until you put the facts down on paper. You lose money rapidly on a new car. If you buy a lower priced used car which is fuel efficient you save on monthly payments and on your fuel bill. You can save hundreds of dollars per month on just this one tip.

  3. Take all of your credit cards out of your wallet. Credit cards are one of the largest reasons for over spending and excessive debt. It is easy to buy the new electronics, furniture, or clothes today on credit and then make those small monthly payments, until those monthly payments become large.Then you are struggling on everything. Avoid this trap by not carrying your credit cards with you.
    You can keep one or two at home for true emergencies, but do not have them with you. The temptation to spend instantly is the trap you need to avoid. Only purchase after you have thought logically about what you need, compared to what you want.

  5. Keep a money blog or diary. This is one of the critical saving money tips. This is how you learn where you can save money. Start tracking all the money you spend, all the way down to the soft drinks at the office. You may discover you are spending several hundred dollars every month on things you really do not care about. You could change a few habits and have the money to do the things you really want to enjoy.

  7. Pay cash for major purchases. Learn to save for the items you need or want. The interest rates you will pay for buying on a weekly or monthly installment plan could purchase another room full of furniture.If you took the same money you are going to pay on installments and saved it for just a few months, you could buy the item. Many people get caught in the rent to own game and their cash disappears. The weekly payments sound low until you look at the total cost. Suddenly you discover you paid for the washer or dryer three or four times.

  9. Learn to look stylish without designer labels. Yes, your children are convinced they are going to be laughed about at school if they do not wear the hottest brands. The reality, they are going to be better dressed if you choose the discount clothes. You will be able to afford more clothes, give them better style options, and will be able to replace clothes as needed. A $100 pair of jeans may look great, but so do the $30 pair.You can continue to expand your saving money tips on your own. You probably have many ideas rolling through your mind right now. Write them down and then put them into action. It can make the difference between being broke, and having plenty of cash each month.