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Top 5 Beauty Tips After A Gym Workout

If you are like me, and like to rush in a quick workout in your lunch break, then you know that arriving back at the office in a big sweaty mess is not a good look. Not to mention the nose scrunching from your colleagues when they get a whiff of that extra half mile you managed to push out.

Here are some tips that have worked for me to get quickly refreshed, and back on the job, with none the wiser (except for that healthy glow one tends to get after an intense workout).

1. Facial Towelettes

These little cloths pack a punch, getting rid of sweat and grime, from both your face and body. Okay, I’m not sure why I would be all grimey (honest, I’m super clean), but sweaty, definitely! It’s great for when you just don’t have time to jump in the shower. Why waste five minutes under a cool calming shower, daydreaming of your next holiday, when you can have an extra five minutes of heart pounding, eye bulging strenuous activity on the treadmill or exercise bike. Right? Right…

2. Dry Shampoo

Give your hair a shiny clean look, all without using any water. Sweat filled hair just looks, ugh, so giving it a nice quick clean with dry shampoo will work wonders. It’s a great way to refresh your hair if you don’t have time for a shower. You can even make your own dry shampoo too.

3. Tinted Moisturiser

These 3-in1 lotions are great because you don’t need to carry separate foundation, concealer and face lotion with you. It saves time on application, as well as saving space in your bag. Meaning there is a bit extra space to store some M&Ms to nibble on later. Well, don’t look at me like that. I just exercised didn’t I? Hmph. Plus there are quite a few beauty benefits for chocolate. There, that’s my excuse.

Clinique and Clarins Tinted Moisturizers

4. Eyelash Curler

Using a curler will open up the space around your eyes, and give you that ‘finished’ look. Even if you don’t wear mascara, it can still be helpful.

5. Change Your Workout Clothes

You don’t want to be uncomfortable wearing anything that you were wearing during your workout, so make sure you change it all, including your undergarments, socks and even your hairband. Also consider using a foot deodoriser to keep your feet clean and smelling fresh. Well, fresher.

Hopefully these five quick tips will help you looking your best after a heavy workout. If you have time, a quick shower is ideal. But even if you don’t, squeezing in a quick workout is better than having no workout at all.

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